Thursday, February 25, 2016

#1 Arduino Gamepad - Portable Raspberry Pi Game Console Dev

So today arrived a thumbsticks! Because I have already other Arduino Pro Micro, I can start making a Arduino stuffs!

The first thing I think what will arrive first be a thumbsticks, and thinking becomes true!
Well, the Arduino Pro Micro what I bought came maybe as last item, but for now I use my own same Arduino Pro Micro.

As first thing what I need to do is make a computer to see Arduino as Gamepad! Not all Arduinos/Atmel chips support this, but Pro Micro/Leonardo with ATMega32u4 support custom HID Descriptor. Nice!

So, Im going to make a custom Gamepad library for Arduino! Now I need to search a Gamepad HID descriptor, I dont found alot of sources, but its enough! (Source)

Now just only a implement functions to library!
And its done!


The next thing what is needed is of course a Arduino Code implementation, you can see my example HERE. Its contains a calibration (for good center) and formatting valid values for descriptor!

Instructable article with more informations:

Video with playing Mirrors Edge: (I used a X360CE to patch XINPUT etc. for make GamePad working in game (Game supports only XBOX360 Gamepad)):

So that is all for today, i hope you enjoy this little article! Next article will be maybe about solving a problem of lack digital inputs, its not enough or about thing what will arrive home next!


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